Faces de Angola

Roads in Angola are being upgraded and rebuilt at a rapid pace. This is exciting as it is opening up
new areas for tourists to explore.

The country is a giant jigsaw puzzle with different climates, landscapes, cultures and colours. You will drive over high mountains, across vast open plains, along white beaches and be engulfed by thick tropical rainforests. Angola has it all, as if each of its eighteen provinces were a different country. Lubango has a mild temperate climate, Luanda is hot and dry, while Cabinda is steamy and tropical. Much of the landscape is dramatic, with plunging waterfalls, bizarre rock formations and deep gorges. Leba Mountain in Huila province rises out of the Tundavala gorge to give stunning views of the vast Namib Desert. It is not often that you will encounter huge baobab forests, mighty rivers, the legacy of Portuguese culture, impressive waterfalls and secluded little beaches along the Atlantic all on one tour.

The route will take us through several of Angola’s southern and central provinces – “traditionally” only the most south-westerly areas (Namibe, Huila and Cunene) were considered ‘safe’ and trips were conducted mainly in this area. Demining and re-construction of roads and infrastructure makes it possible to safely venture deeper into Angola.

Adult: R 17,950.00
Child aged 6-11 years: R 4,190.00
Child aged 12–17 years: R 5,465.00
Single Supplement: R 1,750.00
*single supplement added to vehicle with only one adult.

This tour operates with a minimum of 20 adults.

Please note that this tour is an adventure and therefore this itinerary only serves as an indication of the route. It will be adjusted according to local conditions and therefore crossing the border back to Namibia at Ruacana can be a day earlier or a day later.





Plan your itinerary to arrive  in Rundu no later than 17:00 today. Accommodation options in the Rundu area are limited, we would therefore suggest Kaisosi River Lodge

Meet your tour guide and fellow travellers at the lodge. There will be a briefing of what to expect the next couple of days, followed by dinner. (dinner included in tour package)

O/N Kaisosi River Lodge  (room or camping cost not included in the tour package, ask the tourconsultant to make the necessary booking when you book the tour)

Dinner included

DAY 1-3:


Early morning departure for the Katwitwi border post. After crossing the border the route leads northwards along the western banks of the Kubango River towards Menonque (550km – although fuel could be available at Menonque it can not be guaranteed). From Menonque the planned destination will be Chinguar were we will camp at the origin of the Okavango River. It is quite a sight looking at the humble beginning of a ‘mighty river’ which ends in Botswana creating the renowned Okavango Delta.

O/N Camping:  Fazenda; Chinguar and Wakukongo)

Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 4-7


We continue the journey to the north towards Calandula. The Calandula Falls is an awe-inspiring sight and said to be Africa’s third largest waterfall. The 105 meter high waterfall is located 85 kms from the provincial capital of Malange. This is the most northern turning point of our tour. During  these 4 days we will travel through ever changing landscapes varying from fertile highlands, tropical forests and coffee plantations in the interior to a semi-desert area bordering the coastline


O/N  Camping:  Coffee Farm; Pedras Negras; Calandula; Kwanza area

Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 8-10:


From Luanda we turn south towards the province of Namibe at a more leisurely pace, visiting some of the remote beaches along the coast. For those interested in fishing – this will be the time to test the waters of the cold Benguela, otherwise we will just enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the remote beaches along the coast.

O/N Camping:  Seles; Lubito; Klofie

Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 11-13


Our journey to the boarder begins when we head for Lubango, driving via the spectacular Leba Pass with its awesome hairpin bends and waterfalls. The road rises from the coastal plain to an altitude of over 6 000 feet in just a few kilometres. From Lubango we turn south via Cahama towards the Ruacana border post.

O/N Camping:  Klofie, Shamabasana, Tundavala

Breakfast & Dinner

DAY 14:


From Benquella we turn south towards the province of Namibe at a more leisured some of the

After crossing the Cunene you will be back in Namibia and it is time for sad farewells. Border crossing around noon - here our ways part.