The tour we had from Lüderitz to Walvis Bay was one of the best experiences my husband and I ever had. I have never camped in my life before and went with an open mind. Well, to say I was blown away by the journey is an understatement. The Namib Desert took my breath away. Our guide Len explained the ecosystem and history in such detail. He was outstanding. From driving to handling challenging situations (and guests) and cooking. He made me feel safe and brave. And can Len recover a vehicle almost without breaking a sweat. Luciano and Miles did all the hard work. They were neat and clean and tidy. They presented the meals stunningly. I will definitely buy their Live the Journey Uri camping cookbook. Luciano's coleslaw recipe is a must. I must also complement Miles on always having a hot shower ready when I needed one (everyday). These boys were super hosts! What a pleasure. My husband and I travelled alone and met the most amazing people on his trip. I feel richer and blessed by getting to know the characters that crossed our path in such a small timespan. We had a blast! Thank you Live the Journey for creating the opportunity so that we can experience one of the most precious places that God created on this earth. We are definitely planning to see you in the future.

Melissa and Anton Knoetze

Graag wil ons van die geleentheid gebruik maak, om nie net vir julle totale span die beste toe te wens vir 2017 nie, maar ook om ons hartlike waardering uit te spreek, vir een van die mees professionele toere, wat ons nog ooit in ons lewe met ‘n toergroep kon meemaak. Soos jy sal aflei, was ons toer… puik… uitstekend… heerlik… angswekkend… uitdagend… en vol, vol, vol pret! ‘n Belewenis en 'n asemrowende ervaring! Dankie julle almal, vir ‘n toer waaroor ons bloot nie uitgepraat kan raak nie!

Evert & Corrie Benade

Vanaf dag 1 toe ons julle gidse, Danie (Jakkals), Tollos en Lucas ontmoet het, het ek geweet dat hierdie 3 manne iets besonders gaan maak vir ons almal (Suid Afrikaners & uitlanders) – wat nie maklik kon wees nie. Elke dag hoe hulle ons behandel het, vanaf ontbyt maak, middagete, aandetes (uit die boonste rakke – 5 ster in die woestyn!). Die ongelooflike verskillende landskappe en terreine wat gery is, met die geskiedenis wat Jakkals in ‘n baie professionele en humoristiese manier kan vertel, sal ek nie sommer vergeet nie! Baie dankie vir al julle reëlings, julle is hoogs aanbeveelbaar!

Marius Jooste

We would like to place on record the most wonderful experience we had on the tour. We had , as you said in your brief , an unforgettable experience. It was in part hard & difficult but well worth the effort it took both of us & our car. The food was wonderful. Once again we would like to thank all of you who made this tour the way it was.

Chris & Rose Kortum

Thank you for an AMAZING JOURNEY we absolutely enjoyed it!!!!!! It was awe inspiring and we will most definitely do this again, please keep us posted when you have outings, we would love to join you guys


Thanks for the most amazing week. Please give special thanks to Len, Luciano & Percy. They worked tirelessly to make sure we were all happy. Len is the most amazing tour guide, and he is also incredibly patient. We will definitely book another tour with you guys, and will also hope to have Len on the next one.

Markus & Taryn

WHAT an AMAZING trip! Our guides Dany and Gerry where EXCELLENT! Both so knowledgeable and pleasant and always kind and helpful. Great team job! A special thanks to them indeed.

Federica de' Micheli

…the most amazing trip that I’ve ever done. Mike and I have decided that the Faces tour is definitely on the “Top two things to do before you die” list and that said, we’re still searching for a number one

Mike & Pauline Bremer

An experience not to be missed in a lifetime….

Phillip Fatzer